Slide Away

Growing from a simple percussive backdrop and shimmering, stirring acoustics, “Slide Away” expands into a crisp rhythm section, twangy guitar adornments, and soaring vocals.
— Obscure Sound

Max Helgemo’s “Slide Away” begins at a party and turns into exit music as he leaves without telling anyone. “I was reflecting on why I do that sometimes, and how it’s my way of asserting my freedom or something; It also just made me laugh and I wanted to capture my amusement”. Driven by its subtle groove and high-flying guitar work, this Kurt Vile-esque indie folk tune showcases Helgemo’s ability to deliver intimacy and expansive guitar arrangements in the same song. “Slide Away” becomes a celebration as Helgemo leans into the song’s final ascension. He repeats his newfound mantra a few more times just to make sure you know that he’s secretly leaving.


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2019 single “New License”:

“ Guitar tapping, hopeful ambiance and outstanding vocals “



For three years, Max Helgemo walked hospital hallways as a working musician in residence playing songs for patients. His musical style grew out of the intimacy of these often one-on-one performances, with early comparisons to Iron & Wine and Gregory Alan Isakov. Helgemo’s 2019 recordings take a decidedly new direction as he embraces the freedom of his home studio, tracking all of the parts to his lush productions himself.


05.24.19 - Gainesville, FL - The Atlantic

06.15.19 - Chicago, IL - Sofar Chicago

06.19.19 - Orlando, FL - Sofar Orlando

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